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Ganesh DwaadashNaamStotram

Narad Uvacha, 
Narad Speaks 

Pranamya Seerasa Devam
Gauriputram Vinayakam
Bhaktaya Naam SmarenNityam
 Aayu Kaamartha Siddhaye.

I bow upon the God who is the first worshipped among Gods, the son of Gauri, who fulfills the wishes of health, work and money if one remembers his names with devotion  

Prathamam Vakratundam Cha
Ekdantam Dvitiyekam

First Name is Vakratunda (One who has the curved trunk), the Second One is Ekdanta (One who is One-tusked)

Trititayam KrishnaPingakshyam
Gajavaktram Chaturthakam 

Third is KrishnaPingakshya (One who has the eye of fire brownish-black in colour), Fourth is Gajavaktra (One who has the head of Elephant)

Lambodaram Panchamam Cha 
Shastham Vikatameva Cha

Fifth  is Lambodar (One who has a big belly), sixth is the Vikata (One who has enormous body)

Saptamam Vighnarajam Cha
DhoomraVarnam Tathaashtamam 

Seventh is Vighnaraj (One who reins upon the obstacles), Eighth is Dhoomravarna (One who has the brownish-black complexion).

Navamam Bhalchandram Cha
Dashamam Tu Vinayakam

Ninth is Bhalchandra (One who has the second day new moon on his head), Tenth is Vinayak (One who is the Lord of all the beings)

Ekadasham Ganapatim
Dwadasham Tu Gajananam 

Eleventh is Ganapati (One who is the head of all Ganas) {Ganas are the devout followers of Mahadeva who live in Kailash with him}, Twelfth is Gajanan (One who is Elephant headed).

Dwadasaitani Naamani 
Trisandhyam Ya Pathennarah
Na Cha Vighna Bhayam Tasya
Sarva Siddhi Karam Param

One who recites these names of Lord Ganesh at three Sandhyas (at the dawn, at the noon and at the dusk) would have all of his fear and obstacles removed and would succed in every aspect of his life.

Vidyarthi Labhate Vidyam
Dhanaarthi Labhate Dhanam
Putraarthi Labhate Putram
Mokshyarthi Labhate Gatim 

One who is seeking knowledge shall receive knowledge, one who is seeking wealth shall receive wealth, one who is seeking to have son (offspring) shall have son and the one who is seeking Moksh shall achieve the salvation.

Japed GanapatimStotram
Shadbhirmasai Phalam Labhet
Sambatsarena Siddhincha
Labhate Naatra Sansayah

One who chants this verses of Ganapati shall have the fruit/result within 6 months. And, within one year one shall receive what he has desired.

Ashthaanam Brahmanaanancha 
Likhitwa Yah Samarpayet
Tasya Vidya BhavetSarva
Ganeshsasya Prasaadatah

One who writes these verses and gives it away to 8 Brahmins would possess all the knowledge with him as a boon from the Supreme Lord Ganesha. (There is a long process described in the scriptures about how to write these verses. To write one should first prepare the ink with the proper ingredients according to the rituals, prepare the paper and pen in the prescribed way and perform the act of writing on the day set aside for this. It is a very gruesome and difficult task to perform but it is all clear that to achieve the fruit, one should always toil hard.)

-Translated by Ganeshkudas

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